The Dust Layer (Released)

We did it. Almost a year later - THE DUST LAYER - is online. 

Kosovo B

Kosovo B

Adrian, Anna and me worked really hard on the homepage and tried to make it comprehensible but in a depth that will reach beyond a usual article in any kind of newspaper. We are aware that it takes time to read, but it's worth it. It will give you an understanding on how people live around the two power plants and even the situation improved over time, it is still not good enough. 

Some readers, maybe from Germany, who lived around the coal mines, know the feeling, the smell and the situation many Kosovars from the region are facing. It is not only the smell and dust, there are increased cancer and respiratory ailments, resettlements, ripping families, friends and school classes apart. 

Starting from health issues, the costs of electricity and the connection to a long-distance heating are as well some more problems for the people. Many of them around use lignite to heat their homes, because they don't have a connection to the heating system and using electricity for a heating unit is just too expensive. You can't even afford it in Germany. Considering the difference between the income in Kosovo, that is not an option to think about.

When walking and driving around Pristina and talking to locals you felt that everyone has an opinion about the power plant, and there was always a negative touch, because they all agree that both, Kosovo A and B, have no future.