5 Degrees Average  is a book about Home, Identity and Food featuring seven international students. It is a multi layered book, which gives an inside view in the fridge of the student, but is going further. These fridges can tell us something about the person, about the way of living and the lifestyle. Small details, like the time every one of them spends preparing food a week, makes people think about their own effort in cooking and in their own body. What fuel do we will inside ourselves?  British food culture lives vividly from immigration, nevertheless new statistics show that a majority of British people feel that there are too many non-brits in the UK.  5 Degrees Average  adds more layers to this coffee table book, by the title, the article and the quote given in the end of the book.    If you are interested in publishing the book, don't hesitate to write me.    Available on demand www.blurb.de :  5°C Average